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Our Story


GalenX  is a breakthrough family corporation to enter the pharmaceutical field. Founded with the purpose of providing the Filipino people with effective and innovative remedies that have premium quality but at a reasonable price.  Among its first products is the Hyclens antiseptic line, pioneering the entry of the gold-standard antiseptic Chlorhexidine in the country.


While the company focuses on producing top products of choice, it seeks to keep abreast of the dynamic pharmaceutical industry in diversified means. Pursuing quality while creating no adverse impact on the environment is also one of its major thrusts. A significant portion of the company’s investment goes to its continuous pursuit to innovate and improve drug products from varying sources so as to cater needs of the clients.


Likewise, investing in quality people and talent is of utmost importance. From the administration to the research and development department to marketing, the company has a robust roster of competent and driven personnel who seek to deliver on corporate goals.


The company believes that wellness is essential to be able to live a fulfilling life thus we will continue to evolve into a healthcare company that the consumers trust. With innovation and a continuous quest for excellence, we will be able to spread wellness not only to Filipinos but also to the world.


We inspire life by providing world-class health products that every individual deserves. Every healthcare facility, which includes our homes, will reap the benefits of our innovative products with great value for money.


We commit to the highest standard of quality in every aspect of our organization and sustain profitability by increasing our value in the market. We uphold collaborations with the academe and institutions to improve our products and processes that set us apart from the industry.


We invest in a healthy working environment, dynamic developmental training, good career opportunities, competitive compensation and benefits to our people for they are our assets. Thus, we work as one with vigor to make the organization function efficiently with passion leading to a premium quality outcome personally and professionally.

We believe that healthy people are happy people. Our commitment to excellence will elevate the quality of life and well-being of Filipinos.


To be at par with world-class pharmaceutical companies by utilizing local resources and technologies to provide revolutionary health products in the Philippines and beyond.

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